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News for Jan. 15 2019

FALL Raffle 2018

 First Prize: Winchester 1886 Deluxe in 45-70 



Second Prize: Huglu 12 Gauge Side by Side with Open Hammers, 30" Barrels



Third Prize: Bowtech Diamond Carbon Cure Bow Package

PRIZE WINNER: Dan Yliruusi


Tickets now available......$20/Ticket Only 600 Tickets Printed.

Draw Date December 23 2018


MFGA Archery Section Raffle

First prize: BCWF Framed Print "A Quiet Repose"



Second prize: BCWF Framed Print "Barn Blues"



Third prize: BCWF Framed Print "Mom's Feather Bed"






Next club meeting will be Feb. 10 at 1:00 pm at the Explorer Room.

Starting Feb.1 2019 memberships will be increasing to $85 for Adult's and $125 for couples. This increase is due to the increase of our membership due with BCWF.


A Guest Pass or Day Pass is required by all non-members on the range property.   The cost for both passes will be $10 per person and will be available at the Rec.Center.  Any member found allowing a non-member on the property without a guest pass will have their membership suspended.  The only exception to this new club bylaw will be when there is an organized (pay to participate) event that is open to the public and there is a shooting fee attached to be able to compete.

A friendly reminder to all members to keep the entrance gate closed and locked at all times and also clean up your spent cases after shooting on all ranges, your membership cost does not include custodial services. Upgrades planned for 2019 are for improvements to the Large Bore Range target stands, Archery Range targets, Small Bore Range targets and a walking sporting clay coarse and rebuilding the trap house.

Range rules that have been changed this year are the Small Bore Silhouette/Pistol Range will now be Rimfire Rifle/Rimfire Pistol only. A Rimfire pistol only station shall be built next spring. A request to all current members, please take the time to read the range rules posted at each range. On the large bore range upgrades have been completed and 48 man hours have been spent building the new target stands. Do not attach paper targets to the posts and Do not place any other form of target on top of any post. There are plenty of signs up indicating not to do this, the Club Executive consider violations of this rule as willful destruction of club property and you will lose your membership due to this action. The Large Bore Range is for paper targets only! No other form of target is to be used on this range. If you feel you need to shoot at rocks, shotgun hulls, bottles and cans, and propane bottles then find a spot off club property to do that.

The Club is now licensed to resell ammunition. Later this fall we will be stocking shot shells for sale.  Let us know if you want surplus ammo or bullets for reloading.